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May this spring represent a time of renewal and fresh beginnings for you and your loved ones.

  The Horse Park at Woodside is a wonderful, welcoming community which comes together to share in the splendor of nature and animals.  We cherish the members who make it such a magical place, and we hope it will continue to play an important role for you in this new season.
Photo credit:  Liz Hall
  During the past year, we heard from so many of you – as so eloquently expressed by Emergency Room nurse Emily Brown featured in the video included here – that the Park was a source of comfort and a welcome escape.  We made many investments in the Park to make your experience even more enjoyable and safe.  Please consider making a gift to the Horse Park at Woodside.  Our work is not possible without your support.
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Your tax-deductible gift will enable The Horse Park to continue offering educational, recreational and competitive equine activities for youth and adults while caring for the land, complying with County regulations, and preserving open space and a rapidly disappearing rural equestrian lifestyle.